Sunday, October 1, 2017

Taylor Battery Box Install

To install the Taylor Battery Box you need to start with dropping the fuel tank. Take care in doing this and it's best to drive the car till your almost out of fuel to reduce weight of tank and difficulty maneuvering. 

After this you will layout the base to where you want it Mark the spot. and drill the whole for the 3/8 threaded rod. Now their kit does not provide lock washers, which was shocked to find out so I went ahead and added them. To avoid damaging paint apply tape over drilling area and mark your points on tape then Drill center guide hole with 1/8th inch drill bit then follow with the 3/8ths drill bit for a perfect spot on whole placement. 

Next step to figure out how much excess to cut. Mount and tight 3/8 rod. to floor 

Install lid and make your markings. Cut excessive rod length with a saw saw

Next step is to remove rods but keep and mark tray pan upper nut and remove washers and nuts from rod on the bottom side to keep things accurate.

After cutting use a hand file to even the edges and clean things up. 

Reinstall Rods and start assenbling the box.

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