Mustang Engine Work

Due to some damage to my old V8 and a letter from Competition Cams warning about the removal of anti-friction additives from oils. I decided to buy a newer generation used V8 designed for a roller cam instead of what I had which was hydraulic flat tappet.

Tore down block and had it taken into a machine shop also had work done to some gt40 heads.

Heads after getting them back

A little intake work:

Engine back from the machine shop but here is an example of a bearing with excessive wear.

All new bearings were ordered Crappy Pennzoil and piss pounding from previous owner.

Cleaning of pistons and rods fun:

After serious cleaning things finally started to feel and move more freely. Dried them using air compressor then oiled the heck out of them. Pistons in my engine were Forged so they were not replaced. New rings were ordered and installed.

Used my cam degree kit to check Cross check everything on the CAM card. New cam was installed. New roller lifters were installed.

May the painting begin.

Hmmm Timing Cover


Checking valve lash on pedestal mount roller rockers. I had a couple valves slightly off that needed a .0215 shim installed under the pedestal. Marking how far I had to turn to get to the proper torque spec, so that I could calculate the lash.