Fist step power wash everything to the best of your ability. I used a product called Chassis Saver for the undercoating and it works awesome. It's very industrious. Data Sheet on the product can be found:

Follow the instructions in reducing down for spraying... I had issues with one of my guns during the process but if you have a gun made for spraying primer you should be good to go. Forewarning wear protective clothing, gloves, and a hood if possible with a full face mask. If you get this on your skin it will take a week or more to get off. I got some on myself and if you don't get acetone fast enough it does not come off with scraping off. Fast Orange will not cut it. It's cheapest to buy it by the gallon. I also did hte inside of the car as well.

After floor pans are installed every weld you can hit with seam sealer should be hit. I seam sealed inside of the car and outside then sprayed Chassis Saver.

 You may also want to put something down to protect your driveway as well. 


Unknown said...

Great pictures on how to properly do the undercoating of a car. I've been wanting to do this on my own mustang for a while now. Wit your pictures and tips I think I'll finally be able to get it done right. Thanks again for the great pictures. Undercoating

FoxResurrectionGuy said...

Thanks for the comments. It's been quite the project.