Mustang Radiator Core Support Removal and Installation

If you ever had a tow company that were idiots in the way they hook up to your car and do it improperly you will find this issue right here. The tow guys hooked onto the radiator core support instead of proper mounting points. Laziness. Lower part of support is completely destroyed. Tow guy in Black River Falls, Wisconsin did this damage because he didn't want to stick his hand under the car. I was young and dumb at the time for letting him get away with it. At the time the car didn't use this support because it had a 4 cylinder engine in at the time and there was an adapter bracket that the much smaller radiator mounted to which brought the radiator closer to the engine. Now that the car has a V8 the radiator core support is used for the much larger radiator.

Get Met It Pays lol...
One Man Power
Most of these Pictures will have my brother because I was operating the Camera, but I did manage to get in a few of them.

Cleaning up some of the area..

Prepping the Used Radiator Core Support for installation. Same process of carefully drilling out spot welds.

All contact points were coated with weld through primer before placement of the core support.
Next steps required self tapping screws and the welder.

Yepee... It's Me Welding in this one!! Woo Hoo!

And Spot welding continued on till all holes were filled then we did some clean up of the welded areas

The continuation of this is here:

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