Mustang Parts Car Demolition

Needed more Parts for my 1979 Ford mustang, so bro found me a parts car. Lets just say it seen better days and today was it's last. lol

More Cutting He he he

BOSCH Saw Saw with Milwaukee Demolition Blades oh yeah.

Hmmmm.... Walking away from work zone with a sinister grin on his face. Bastard is up to something...

I have to say I love my RIDGID Cordless Power tools also.

At this point it's cut into two pieces. Now time to get rid of unneeded dead weight.

The final pickup
4 days later. At the time a neighbor complained to the city, but I didn't know till a few weeks later when  the city finally came out and the car was long gone. 

Schmidt's Auto refused to pick up the car, so I called another salvage/recycler informing them that I had cut up the car and need the remains picked up. They didn't tell Schmidt's the condition of the car and contracted them to pick it up. I laughed when they came. Karma got to love it. Tow guy was lazy and didn't want to put his arm under the car to hook up the chains, so I did it. Front was smashed bu intact and nothing to worry about.