Saturday, May 25, 2024

Our new welder in the Garage

Haiku Poem to my Mustang Generated by Ai

 Haiku Poem to my Mustang Generated by Ai 

Oh, my dear 79 Mustang,
Sitting in the garage for so long 🚗
Hoping you'll roar to life soon,
With a purr that's strong 💪

Lots of labor and love,
Will bring you back to life 🛠
Revving up your engine,
Ending all this strife 😊

I'll polish your chrome,
And shine up your paint 🌟
Together we'll hit the road,
No need to feel faint 🛣

So hang in there, my friend,
We'll be cruising in no time 🌞
My 79 Mustang, you'll be,
A true classic, so sublime 🏎😄

Sunday, November 26, 2023

Making a Piston Fly Cut tool for the 5.0 Mustang

 So my factory bottom end doesn't have the clearance needed for the AFR Heads I have. What does a person do? Well, I'll tell you. I'm making my own Piston fly-cut tool from some old Junk heads I had lying around. 

on the intake side, I only had .019 clearance and I need a minimum of .080. 

Enlargening the exhaust port to accommodate the ShopVac

The next stage taking an oversized valve and making it into my Cutting/sanding tool. 

Epoxying velcro to the face of the valve for reattaching and changing out sandpaper. 

After allowing time for the full cure of epoxy you can trim down to size. I applied extra epoxy to make up for the curvature of the intake valve. 

To the right is the original intake valve to the left is the oversized one for comparison. 

The shank below will be our depth stopper. 

Now making sandpaper disks. 

At this point, I'm done with the tool and ready to do a test and work with it.
Now this is just an idea to save costs if you have a spare set of worthless E7 Heads laying around.