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I originally built this blog to document the changes and upgrades of my 1979 Ford Mustang and to assist other people that will deal with similar challenges.

I love DIY projects and this has been a huge one. My challenges and resolutions will hopefully help the viewer save time and knock out that Foxbody Mustang restoration project he or she has been trying to accomplish.

My background has been mostly self-taught when it comes to mechanical knowledge every vehicle I own I buy a maintenance manual for. I believe that every person should do the same. Not only to do things for yourself but also to see the challenges that someone in a shop will go through to do the work on your vehicle giving you ultimately a better understanding of the work involved in your issues. This can give you the knowledge needed to see through a bad mechanic who may try to feed you lies. It could also give you the knowledge you need before deciding if you need or want to pay someone else to do the work for you.

Knowledge is empowering and the more you know the easier it is to protect yourself. I always believed if you can't fix it you shouldn't own it, but not all people are like that. It took years to accumulate the tools that I have now, but I justified it by looking at what it costs to pay someone else to the job. Every time I did the calculations it was always cheaper for me to buy the tool and do it myself. When my daughter gets older I will teach her to fix her car as well, so that she can save money and not get taken advantage of. I hope that she'll have a nice paying job and that she can afford to pay someone else to do the work, but with the current economy, I won't hold my breath. At least she'll have the skills and knowledge if she needed to do it herself.

Eventually, I will be getting a lift, but I need a different house for that. When it comes to auto-body work, if you're not confident in your ability to do it then you should take it to a professional.

My name is Jeremy Kieler and I have a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I do this blog in my free time as a hobby.

I am also an Army Veteran. I thank you for visiting my blog and welcome comments on any of the pages or posts. If you have tips to make things faster or better or have questions feel free to leave a comment. I am always open to other viewpoints and positions on topics and I welcome suggestions.

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