Convert 4 cylinder Mustang to V8

Leaving Fort Hood, Texas in preperation of moving to Germany, I had to move my Mustang and the remainder of my stuff, which was about 700 lbs of cargo not including my weight back to Wisconsin. I blame my 1st SGT for jinxing me on the trip home. At one point in time I was given a lawful order to not drive my Ford Mustang due to the age of the car. I drove 1400+ miles to get there to then be told that I couldn't drive my 1979 Ford Mustang when I wanted to go on vacation. Pretty funny actually.

A year after I was in Fort Hood the pathetically small rear end went out on the Highway leading to Temple, Texas at 75mph. The Term Smoked Rear end did apply. Bearings went out and the gears in the differential had collided. Due to the piss poor pay I was receiving I couldn't afford another car, so I fixed it. At this point in time I was thinking ahead and replaced the rear end with a 92 Possi traction knowing that down the road eventually I would put a V8 in this 1979 Ford Mustang.

The Ford 2.3 Liter 4 cylinder's Distributor bolt would constantly work loose and cause the timing to go off. Every other day I would screw with the bastard.. At one point in time I had my lungs burnt when taking a corner to fast on base by the battery mount breaking and the battery falling into a sharp  radiator adapter which sliced open the side of the battery leaking acid into the engine fan then blasting into the exhaust header creating a toxic gas that came into the Mustang taking my breath away causing myself to almost crash the Mustang. Yes, this was the worst year for the 4 cylinder mustangs. The 1st SGT told me I would never make it back.

A week prior to making my trip back to Wisconsin (due to orders sending me to Germany) I had the timing belt tension-er wear out and the belt jumped cogs and bent every valve on the head. This occurred in Temple, TX. Luckily at the time I was debating taking a 1987 turbo coupe T-Bird engine and dropping it into the Mustang. I bought a T-Bird to use because it was a great runner but the rear section of the uni-body was rusted out. I bought it cheap from a friend whom was going to salvage it and so I found another friend whom I thought was a friend that would store it temporarily.  All parts were there when it was parked at his place off base. When I went to collect the parts I needed, the guy who stored the car had sold the inter-cooler off of it and I couldn't find a replacement. New from the dealership the inter-cooler would cost more then a $1000.00. My so called friend screwed me. I then pulled the engine out of the car and put it in storage. The parts I saved really saved my butt....

I pulled the 1979 2.3 Liter head with bent valves off my Mustang engine and then took the head off of the 1987 Turbo Coupe Turbo 4 cylinder and installed it on my 1979 Ford Mustang. I was able to get the Mustang running pretty damn good after that. This was the first time I had ever done a head job on anything.

I then began my 1400+ mile trip back to Wisconsin. I made almost no issues to about DesMoines, Iowa at which my transmission didn't want come out of Second Gear. At this point my brother said don't drive it anymore the thing might fly apart. I laughed!!! I bought this 1979 Ford Mustang when I was in a group home for a $150.00. When I originally got it the bumper was rotting off it and the car was Canary Yellow. This was before there was digital cameras. The Mustang was very neglected and parked under a tree with the wheels sunk in the mud down to the lug nuts... I wish I could find  the very first pictures but they have disappeared between moves. This was my first car and I continue to hold on to it.

I came back from the Army in 2003 after having fun on the Autobahn I decided it was time for much needed upgrades to the Hatchback and I began the 4 cylinder to V8 Transition.

The original springs broke on both sided on the way up also.. Due to age or weight of cargo. I had over 700 lbs of cargo in the car on the way back determined after going across scales. Since I was moving some things home the Army required weight slips so I could get reimbursed for the move. It's called a DITY move. I had a spare transmission in the passenger side seat with a bag of clothes on top of that with the seat belt locked to hold it all. I had my tools I accumulated in the back of the car. Boxes stacked to the ceiling of the car. I broke every spring on the car, they all snapped. Each one broke.

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That's a lot of history with that car, I hope he keeps it forever.