Bro's 1988 GT Mustang

Fun Fact: Work being done below was done in a hog shed that was converted into a body shop.

Lots and lots of prep work

Laying down the Base Coat of paint

The red haze in the photos is Red Base coat over spray in the air.

This is switching over to the clear coat now.
My brother is a really good body guy.

Lots of Clear Coat over spray in the booth. 

It's pretty amazing to watch him work on this stuff. Very cool to see the before and after.

Those stripes on the hood and fenders are painted on. 

After assembly it's wet sand and buff time. If you don't have experience in this. I would recommend taking to a professional. My brother does this for a living. 

Break Time

At the Platteville, Wisconsin Car Show

At the Kieler, WI Mustang Meetup put on by Hinderman Repair LLC now located in Dickeyville, WI

This car sold for 5000 to a salesman who knew it had almost 200,000 miles on the engine. The scum of the earth salesman then lied on craigslist and falsely advertised it as having 90,000 miles on it. Yes the engine and everything ran great, but the scumbag committed fraud and sold it again. My brother and other friends saw the craigslist ad a week later. 

Life is full of dishonest people, don't be one of them.
If your buying a car educate yourself and ask for receipts. There was a lot of new parts and paint job was fantastic. Only thing that would need rebuilding was the engine, everything else was new. 
If you don't have receipts for machine work most likely the engine was not rebuilt. If someone says it's been bored .30 over then have them pull a spark plug and scope the piston. There will be markings that identify if it was 30 over or not. 

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