Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How to Create Your Own Pushrod length Checker.

How to Create Your Own Pushrod length Checker for less than a dollar.
Low budget specialty tool creation on the fly. 

Figure out where you want the adjustment placed and cut the pushrod in that location. I just made it like the ones you would buy off the shelf or off the internet because I don't have a speed shop in the area.

I cut this with a saw saw, so if you do the same try to clean up the burs with a hand file. 

Next step after cleaning things up a bit will be to get 1/4 by 20 threaded rod. 79 cents at Menards for 12 inches of it. Only expense to the project. Pushrod is old part in inventory. This tool would normally cost you 2- 3 days shipping and anywhere from 15.00 to 30.00 dollars.

next put each end of the pushrod into the vice and use a tap to thread by hand. 
Make sure to clean out all the shavings on both ends of the pushrod by tapping on the bench. You don't want those in your engine.

When using the tap to thread be sure to take your time and use oil to assist in the cutting. Work the tap back and forth keeping down pressure even. 

now if you mar the push rod with the vice just file anything sticking out material wise. 

Repeat tapping steps for both ends. Take your time to prevent breaking your tap.

Here you see the nicely made threading.

Calculate where to cut the excessive length rod.

Here you can see adjustment capability. 

In place you can see how easy to use. If you have intake off you can put this in upside down to prevent the scraping of bushing if you have one. Most people will not have this. Here I am testing a Crane Cams Pushrod guide Conversion kit for switching from pedestal mount to stud mount roller rockers. From this point you will be able to figure out the length pushrod you need to order in order to have correct valvetrain geometry.

Removed  rocker arm and adjust pushrod length checker to find appropriate length

I used a dry erase marker to color valve stem to pinpoint where rocker arm tip is riding. 

Length I had a good wear pattern at. 

To get your wear mark install rocker arm appropriately and rotate crank clockwise to get full rotation finishing back on top dead center. 

Center of the Valve stem is where you want your wear pattern. If pattern is off center and more towards the exhaust side of the head you have your pushrod length set to too long. If the wear mark is off center towards the intake side you have your setting too short. Adjust accordingly till you find that sweet spot your looking for. 

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