Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mustang GT40 Head Valve Replacement

Best lapping compound to use is the fine stuff that is grease based. The water based I believe is too aggressive. A light coat over the contact point is all you need to lap in the valve and clean up the seat. 

New Valve from Ford Racing. 

This is the brand name the Machine shop used. Click image in Google Chrome to enlarge. 

The heads had to be completely tore down and rebuilt back up to get the valve seals all replaced.

Majority of these Teflon seals failed. 

New valve seal from felpro added and reassembled

To get this to release use the tool to apply clamping pressure than tap with dead blow hammer. You can then proceed to clamping down all the way till you can get the locks removed. Be careful when releasing the spring. 

These are the valve spring cap locks. 

This Sunday was pretty productive. 

when I took things apart I realized I had a clearance issue with the headers. I pulled out the Acetylene Torch heated till bright red and pounded the tubes inward to add more clearance.  

Much better you don't want your after market headers to contact the steering shaft. 

I love a good sleeper he he he
Coming soon I will be doing a write up on how to install new rear differential gears. This car will be getting 3.73 gear set installed with all new bearings. Complete overhaul of the rear-end.

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