Sunday, October 2, 2016

Additional work required on the GT40 Mustang Heads

I am running a Comp Cams Performance Cam with matching springs. Unlike my last V8 I had in the 1979 Ford Mustang I have double springs installed with this one.

On the last post I left off with the testing completed verifying what I suspected early on and everyone else was on complete denial on. Machine shop left me with a leaky valve. Now after removing the valve I have found no corrosion in the seat.

As you can see below those cheap universal valve spring removers will not work on this application. The jaws do not reach in far enough to grab the inner valve spring. 

The tool for the job this time will be this lovely new piece of lifetime warranty equipment from Sears. 

No lie this tool will require both hands to operate and there is a lot of pressure behind these springs, so I will be taking great care while performing this task. Be sure to read the instructions with removing tool and do release of springs as slow as possible.

New issue found that I wasn't expecting to see. Valve seals went to crap and now I will have to completely dismantle the heads to inspect and replace. I am just going to replace them all and this is going to take awhile. 

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