Friday, April 1, 2016

New 1982 Mustang fuel tank arrived

Today I got my new fuel tank from Auto Zone.
In case people didn't know Auto Zone offers a military discount.

10% off if you need something in a hurry they can get it pretty fast.
If you want it a little cheaper you can wait for it to be shipped to your house, but I prefer not to waste weekends and they had the part next day for me at the store.

The brand I bought was the Spectra Premium Fuel tank and I must say this came today and it looks exactly like what was factory. Fantastic match.

I plan on painting the tank, but there is a lot preservative that needs to be cleaned off.

The tank did come with a new seal and retainer ring for the sending unit, but I will not need it since I am putting in a new sending unit and that came with a new seal and retainer ring. The 1982 Ford Mustang has everything I need to use the full tank protector. I was surprised to find out that it was made in Canada rather than China.

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