Wednesday, March 30, 2016

1979 Ford Mustang Fuel Tank Upgrades.

1979 Ford Mustang. Worse design ever for the road traveler.
Virtually no road protection,. 

Reasons I don't like 1979 Ford Mustang tank

you don't have good protection from road debris. I have lost 2 tanks to road debris. 
Fuel just barreling out of the tank because of the lack of tank protector. 

Sending unit makes  it impossible to put a full tank protector in place. Location of the sending unit is placed on the bottom of the tank. 

This is a pic of the 1979 Ford Mustang fuel tank
Notice the Sending unit hole on bottom passenger front side of tank. The preferable location is on top of the tank where it was relocated in 1982. I would advice anyone looking to have their car as a highway cruiser to switch tanks and get a tank protector that covers the full tank bottom like the one below. 

Late Model Restoration offers various options.

When I was in the Army I went on a trip to Alabama and during that time there was a scarcity of 1979 - 1980 fuel tanks. On the way to Jasper to go horse back riding, I had road debris fly up and hit my tank and put a hole in the tank the size of a  nickle. Fuel was barreling out of the back of the mustang. I searched and searched the salvage yards and could not find a tank that matched. At the time there wasn't the aftermarket offerings that I see today and I ended up finding a 1982 mustang fuel tank that I made work.

The parts car I bought and cut in half supplied a nice fuel tank protector like the one shown above.   Very solid piece of plastic made to take a hit. If you have lowered your car, you are that much more likely to hit something on the highway.

Removing the fuel tank is really easy on a 1979 - 93 mustang. To bands hold the tank and it's just a matter of pinching off the rubber fuel lines and disconnecting them. Then just unplug the wiring occector to the Sending unit. Biggest issue you'll deal with is fuel in the tank. It's best to wait till your almost out of fuel before doing this job.

Late Model Restoration offers a much nicer Stainless Steel Sending unit.

Removing the retaining ring for the sending unit. 

Removing the Rusty old Sending Unit that no longer functions. If you don't know the function of the sending unit, it's the part that tells your fuel gauge how full you are. 

Rust damage to the fuel tank sending unit. Late Model Restoration offers a stainless steel sending unit. 
There is supposed to be a fuel filter at the bottom of the sending unit, but it has deteriorated and fell apart inside the tank. Not cool. 

rust in the Fuel tank. I am ordering a new tank. This is what happens when you let a car sit in storage and don't have a full tank. 

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