Monday, September 29, 2014

Problems that you will have ordering Aftermarket Mustang Fenders on eBay.

Aftermarket part manufacturers from overseas have no clue. Do they have a 1979 Mustang sitting in their plant to test fit parts. Answer is “NO THEY DON’T”
These fenders ended up coming from Tang Yang plant in Taiwan. Each Picture I will outline that not all Fox Bodies were made the same and to be honest the strength isn’t the same either. They feel flimsy compared to the originals. These were found on eBay with no mention of who was the manufacturer before buying. I had bought a set and the fenders came packaged with only the cardboard wrap and no other protector in the box. Plus they shoved both fenders in the same box with no separator of any type. First shipment only the passenger side came in unscathed. Driver side was twisted all to hell. Second shipment no attempt was made to add additional packaging after emailing the problems to the seller and again only wrapped with cardboard seen pictured. The idea of buying new fenders is to not have to do additional bodywork and when some advertises that the part works you expect it to work out of the box. Not the case again for the 1979 Ford Mustang. I have a couple dings to repair in order to use them and in addition I will need to cut and weld on them to make them work for the car. This is not as ADVERTISED.

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