Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Creating a new piston stop from scratch with a lathe, Tap and Die set.

 Creating a new piston stop from scratch with a lathe, Tap, Die, and Welder. 

Material required: Bar Stock; Nuts; 3/8ths threaded rod.

Some Degree sets come with piston stops for when your heads are on and most I find to be cheap and inadequate for Degreeing of the camshaft. Well, at least the one I had. 

For one mine kept moving which led me to question accuracy. two the adjustable stopper bent very easily when piston made contact. 

So, I made my own using an antique Logan Lathe

9/16ths x 20 threads per inch. die required

Drilling out the center with the lathe for future 3/8 - 16 tap.

Narrowing shaft to match outside Diameter of a 9/16 spark plug.

ordered 6 inch tap and I was hoping to be able to tap deeper than 1.5 inches. Ridiculous. This was hardened steel so I ended up using the lathe to spin the tap and I took a grinder with a flap disk 40 grit to the shaft to narrow it down to a usable dimension. 
Center piston stop piece is 3/8 - 16

After grinding away material to make usable for tapping my fitting for Piston stop. 

I Welded a large Nut to the back for hand screwing the stop into head

New piston stop rod was made from 3/8ths threaded rod and end was lathed to replicate what original was. 

what you normally get in a Cam Degree kit and I think they kind of suck.

Superior design. Very crude looking I know but more solid built.

After cleaning up the welds a bit and playing with the new TIG Welder function.


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