Saturday, May 25, 2024

Haiku Poem to my Mustang Generated by Ai

 Haiku Poem to my Mustang Generated by Ai 

Oh, my dear 79 Mustang,
Sitting in the garage for so long 🚗
Hoping you'll roar to life soon,
With a purr that's strong 💪

Lots of labor and love,
Will bring you back to life 🛠
Revving up your engine,
Ending all this strife 😊

I'll polish your chrome,
And shine up your paint 🌟
Together we'll hit the road,
No need to feel faint 🛣

So hang in there, my friend,
We'll be cruising in no time 🌞
My 79 Mustang, you'll be,
A true classic, so sublime 🏎😄

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