Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mustang Coil Relocation

 Fabricating and making your own ignition coil mount.

Pending on your year and the modification you have done to it you may need to relocate things. Here was my solution. I've been having some issues with ignitions system, so as a troubleshooting step i figured I would rollback to the duraspark II system which was original equipment. I didn't want to remove everything for now, so I created a new mounting point for the classic style coil. Also needed to be closer to the distributor because no one had in stock the performance wires that would stretch the distance to the left hand side of he engine compartment. My solution was to create the new mounting point that allowed the coil to be closer to the distributor while still reducing heat. I made this nice aluminum bracket from spare scrap aluminum laying around in the garage. 

First creating a template.

Tracing out on the aluminum piece

Using the vice as a metal break for bending to desired dimensions.

Trial and error test fitting and drilling mount point holes.

I decided to use a carriage bold to mount the coil mount to the aluminum bracket.

First, I drilled the whole to get close to dimensions required then I used an air file to square up the hole for carriage bolt to fit precisely.

Perfect square for carriage bolt. With this design you wont need two wrenches for removal.

Since this is aluminum I decided to polish it out to match the rest of the aluminum under the hood.

Here I needed to indent the aluminum for the hole location under the coil. This will prevent the coil mount from spinning or pivoting when mount is tightened down to the bracket. 

I tried a couple ways unsuccessfully.

I under estimated the strength of this aluminum piece lol. 

Ultimately, I ended up using the shop press. 

Mount came out looking really good. 

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