Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Chrome Powder Coating as an alternative to actually polishing metal.

I will be returning to factory accessory brackets, but there is no reason for them to look ugly in the process. I decided to have them powder coated chrome, which gives a polished aluminum appearance in a way. 

Above is the AC Delete kit I bought since my car never had AC but I want to maintain serpentine belt system. Below are the parts in a flat factory aluminum finish.

After Powder Coating here is how they appear. I paid about 75.00 for work and I think it was definitely worth it. 

Business Cards below are from my Powder Coater who performed the work and as you can see all the pieces came out beautifully. 

Below you will see the new OEM style bracket with a fresh coat of Chrome Powder coating. These parts will need a tap ran down them to clean the powder coat off of the threads. This is expected when doing this type of coating. Just carefully and slowly run the tap down the holes.

More tap running to clean threads. Look how beautiful these parts came out. 

Apply anti-seize to all the bolts. 

Since my car was never equipped with AC I used an AC Delete kit as mentioned earlier. This kit is awesome and it relocates the power steering pump to a higher location.

The tensioner I didn't want to leave flat aluminum and I didn't want to take it apart for powder coating so I just painted to match engine. 

I had to source a new bolt for mounting the tensioner. Here was the cost. I talked with Ford and they told me what I needed since I didn't have this modern setup before now. 

If anyone is wondering this belt is 72 inches and the Goodyear Gaterback was sold to Continental and is now their Premium Belt. The belt can be sourced from Weaver Auto Parts.

I had to make a new fuel line since everything was relocated. This time I didn't include pressure gauge. I may put back in later, I haven't decided yet.

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