Monday, September 3, 2018

Ford 8.8 Rear End Rebuild

Looking at the additional tools and trying to find parts. Also the lack of having a lift at my house I have opted to have a family friend with resources and tools whom is a professional mechanic to do my rearend and differential upgrade on the 1979 Ford Mustang Autocross weekend warrior project car. Also let  it be known that the 8.8 in my  car is not the original rear end. The Current rear end is from a 1992 GT mustang that was in a salvage yard down in Texas.

I could no longer find the Ford Racing Differential upgrade with 28 spline limited slip traction lock assembly. It appears only one manufacturer makes an offering to retain the factory 28 spline axles, so I have opted to upgrade to 31 spline. The cost of upgrading to a 31 Spline axle and differential is cheaper than paying to retain the 28 spline. Plus the rear end will be stronger because of what the kit comes with. Details below. I don't want to give up my wheels, so I will be opting to stay with 4 lug. Had I known I would end up down this road before I had bought my wheels years ago I would have opted to switch to the 5 Lug for better wheel selection. Kit cost at this time is 399.99 - 7% for Labor Day Weekend Sale. Current Discount Code: labor7

I will say when the option for 28 spline was available from Ford Racing the price was around 300.00, so taking that into consideration this upgrade is a real good deal. Those upgraded axles aren't cheap when bought separate. I am jumping my gear ratio from 3.27 to 3.73 for better launch, but still street-able.

Late Model Restoration:

These axles are stock length 31 spline, with a 4" x 4.25" bolt pattern. They are made from a high quality steel and hardened to increase torque capacity 25% over your stock 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang axles.

Ford Racing Traction-Lok differentials optimize your vehicle's traction by transferring the power to both rear wheels. These limited slip differential units use heavy plate-style clutches to ensure your engine's full power potential makes it to the ground and limit the "one-wheel wonder"! Perfect for the street or strip!

Kit includes:
(2) Yukon 31 spline, 4-lug hardened rear axles
(1) Ford Racing 31 spline Traction-Lok Differential

(8) Stock length wheel studs

Link to kit found here

Discussion of installation:

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