Monday, January 8, 2018

Flashback to Nov 99 The 1979 Mustang Rescued

I am still looking for the photos from 1998 - 1999 when this was yellow and black slightly rustier and very much neglected car. The state of this car was horrible. This was before the digital camera availability. 1 very poor enlisted soldier and lots of GM Metalic grey single stage bumper paint bought from a salvage store. Poor Man's paint job. We fixed at the time this $150.00 car and got it running and stopping with help from my dad and brother, then we painted it grey and I drove over 1400 miles to Fort Hood, TX. Yes, I was a crazy bastard at the time.

At the time I bought an 81 mustang that my brother used to own back from a class mate to use as a donor car. Doors, interrior, struts, louvers for the hatch, wheels and front bumper cover came from the 81 that was my brothers and was also my uncles. Body was rusted beyond belief and the classmate that had bought the car from my brother toasted the differential from beating the car into oblivion. 

The return from TX can be found 

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