Friday, May 26, 2017

1979 Ford Mustang Dash Restoration Begins

1979 Ford Mustang Dash Restoration Begins

To start off get a bucket of water with degreaser additive added and wash the dash. Use a brush to agitate and remove dirt and grime where you see it. Clean thoroughly in preparation for painting. 

Speed nut that is used here to hold the wood grain panel on front passenger side of dash did not look like they would come off with out breaking the panel stud, so I left the panel on rather than chancing to break it. 

In order to carefully pull these vents you need to have them in the open position.

Here I am showing the spot to push in on the top to release the vent. You will need to push on top and pull on bottom tab with a pick. 

I am hooking in with the pick here on to pull the vent safely and carefully.

I taped off the wood grain in preparation of painting.

For the metal structure that was rusty, I pulled out the sand blaster and went to town then coated them with rust reformer. 

The dash hull came out beautifully. 

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