Friday, August 19, 2016

1979 Ford Mustang Glass Installation

I had Safe Auto Glass installed the Front Windshield and Rear hatch glass into the car on Monday.

Still working on some tuning issues. Holley tech has sent me another carburetor. 

Originally when this car was built it had the windows installed with butyl window tape. The problem with that old type of sealing windows was that when the car sat in extreme heat the window would sink. Sealing with that tape added no structural value. Today's Urethane windows seals offer a great seal and structural value. To honest I am not a fan of SafeLite Glass it's thinner than the other windshields and the crack easier. The rear glass was reused and after extensive cleaning. I found that that WD-40 breaks the old butyl tape seal remains down pretty well. Dealing with butyl is like dealing with tar. The Windshield Manufacturer  I went with for the front was PGW. The glass is made at a higher quality and is more closer to OEM. OEM glass for this car would have been Carlite. The rear glass is Carlite.  

I did repair the rear glass Defrost by soldering the electrical hookup back on the glass mounting point. This is something you have to do with the glass out of the car on a stand. Once install the Urethane will cover parts of the area needing repair. 

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