Thursday, May 19, 2016

New Holley 600 dual feed aluminum carburetor installed

This Aluminum Carburetor is awesome Holley Part # 0-80458SA. Looks fantastic on the car.

I decided to redo the fuel line coming from the Holley Performance Mechanical Fuel Pump. 
I routed the fuel line out and forward from the engine to keep the fuel charge cool. 

Installed is a Mr Gasket Fuel Pressure gauge. We will see how it performs and if I don't like it I will swap it later with something liquid filled. 

I noticed the old carb had a small drip out of the vacuum secondary. I must have damaged the diaphragm on it when I rebuilt it. No worries now, its off the engine and replaced with a lighter, shinier carburetor. 

If your looking for places to lighten the car Holley's new Aluminum Carburetor will help. 

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