Sunday, April 17, 2016

Removing Quarter Glass on a 1979 to 1986 Ford Mustang

This is the pictures from my 1979 roof that was cut off my car

You can see the rust damage 

Notice that the 1979 Mustang has all mounting points on the inside of the car and the glass is inserted through the inside of the car. If your in the junkyard you would have to battle the interior rear quarter plastics to get to this. In the junkyard you will need 1/2 inch drive torx bit socket set, a ratchet and a Philips Screw driver for removing the interior panels. In 1987 to 93 Mustangs your glass will be mounted on the exterior of the car and span the whole plastic sail section using same mounting points. Take great care when performing the removal of these windows, because as of now these windows are not reproduced.  

first step to the removal after all plasics are moved out of the way in the interior is undoing all the hardware and popping out the plastic stands that are pushed in for the glass to rest on. 

Far right pic is the tools needed to remove the rear quarter windows.

Once all the hardware is removed you can start feeding the cutting wired through the seal from the outside of the car. 

Feed the wire through with the tip of the "T" tool then pry the wire from the inside the out of the seal and pull though so that you can attach it to the other handle provided then with car pull back and forward cutting through the old seal. The seal is like tar, so you may want to wear rubber gloves at a certain point. 

Once two sides of the window seal are cut through carefully apply pressure to the glass slowly pushing inward and keep a hold of the glass taking care not to drop it. 

While taking great care slowly work back and forth with the handles and wire cutting through the window seal tape. When working with this stuff you will want gloves and you definitely. 

This is why you should wear the rubber gloves 

This is the rear quarter opening on a 1987 to 93 mustang. It can be modified to take the older windows and quarter plastics, but you will have to the opening out more to make it work and drill holes for the plastic sail piece shown. 

Pic to the left is 1987 - 93 mustang and pic to the right is the opening you would see in a 1979 - 86 Mustang, which is wider and cut right up to the spot welds and notched for the Aluminum chrome pieces used to trim the window. 

At this point you have 2 options
Option "A" you modify the new rear quarter section to use the old components or you go with option "B" the 1987 to 1993 Mustang Quarter Glass which is reproduced and can be easily replaced if destroyed, however fairly pricey. This will also require you to use the trimming piece above the door area from a 1987 to 93 mustang as well.  

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