Monday, April 11, 2016

Installing Dual Exhaust on a 1979 Ford Mustang

Now all hangers for tail pipes are bolt on except the rear most tail pipe hangers.
I made hangers match my brothers 1988 Mustang GT. The mid hangers I bought from Pypes and the body holes were present for me to add u-nuts and bolt right in. Worked beautifully. When welding back in the back on the uni body rails be safe and drop the fuel tank and get it out of the way. Your family doesn't want to see you blow up. Take it out and move it to the other side of the garage. Use common sense out there.

Tail pipes were perfect fit but it appears that the angle was cut wrong on my passenger side tailpipe and it wasn't deburred. I have contacted the manufacturer hopefully they will be getting back to me and sending a new replacement. 

Never mind the hole in the bottom there in the pic to the left. We plan on cutting that out and welding new in at the body shop. 

Where was the quality control on this one? 

Other issue I have is that I need to reroute the electrical going to the fuel tank sending unit. Passenger side tail pipe is too close to where it comes out of the car for comfort, but I already have a plan. This wiring was already chopped up so I will be repairing by soldering and shrink tubing. I will also be relocating wiring feed through point a few inches to the left of original hole and silicon sealing the old holes shut. 

The original 1979 Exhaust appeared as suck for the V8's

One side exit and restricted as can be. V8 this generation stock only had about 140 lhp.. Laughable Horse Power. :-)

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