Monday, August 10, 2015

1979 Ford Mustang Heater Core Changeout Without AC

The only time I have ever been happy to not have AC is when it came to change out the heater core for this car.

First step is to unscrew the glove box from it's hinge. Do this by opening the glove box and then unscrewing two screws. Next step is to unbolt the dash support bar in your way.

Below to the right is the heater core closure lid. Unscrew it and remove out of the way.

Do not attempt to pull on the rubber 

Under the hood undo the hose clamps with the hoses pinched off or with coolant system drained.

These hose clamps from Harbor Freight are very handy and keep you from having to drain the coolant system.

After the hoses are disconnected use the back of a screwdriver to push the tubes of the heater core into the car. Removal this way will prevent you from tearing the insulator trying to remove the heater core. 

The rubber insulator is wrapped around as you can see. Be careful not to tear it apart when removing.
Removal of Insulator is started by stretching a rear portion back a little bit and sliding it up as seen in picture to the right. Then it can be unwrapped at the top.

Surprise Maple tree seeds in the blower area is not a good sign. 

Clean out the debris if any. 

Inspect the condition of your glove box. 
Mine is not in the best after many years of abuse from previous owner. 

If you can find a replacement glove box buy one if you can't you can fix what you have with epoxy as I did below. 

Re-installation of the glove box. 

This glove box is out of adjustment and is missing the rubber bumper that it closes against in the upper right corner of the opening. This is a restoration part that can be bought. Mine was on order when I put it back together. 

Proper stop being shown in picture to the left and picture to the right showing it missing.

After you have the bumpers bought and in place you can adjust the opening at the latch buy loosening the mount screws and moving it to proper opening gap. 

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