Sunday, July 26, 2015

1979 Ford Mustang Custom Electrical Work

Today I rebuilt one of the harnesses that used to be for Distributor and also hooked in to the Oil and Thermal Sending unit. Since I have mechanical and more accurate gauges ran I eliminated the excess electrical by rebuilding the plug to only have what I need.

First step to taking apart this electrical plug is to pull the pin retainer in the center. Now I just used a pick for all of the dismantling.

Once you have the retainer out of the plug insert pick into one of the pins and wiggle at angle toward middle of plug while applying light inward pressure. The Pin will eventually release from the plug. 

Before you know it you will have all the pins released. 

Now to clean any and all corrosion from the electrical components. Coca Cola is highly acidic and is good for this task. 

Soak your pins in the Parts Cleaner known as Coca Cola. 

Ignore the Share with friends on the bottle unless you want to torture their stomach with this crap. 

After periodically checking the cleanliness and verifying that the pins are clean you want to neutralize the Sulfuric Acid that is in Coca Cola with a baking soda water solution.  

Dual buss installed. One side will be ground and one side will be positive for ignition control. This was purchased at West Marine. 

Next Part is to reassemble the plug with the only wires that you need. Since I have an MSD ignition Control Module all I need is the old coil positive wire and I figured I should keep the ground used ground remainder of harness. I also shrink tube wire to pin for better protection.

When reassembled use Di-electrical grease to protect against elements seen under the hood. 

Here is what the old harness looked like and 99% of it was not used anymore. 
I kept my original and rebuilt a plug I grabbed from the salvage yard just in case I ever decide to change things down the road. 

Reassembly of the plug was simple just push the pins in and slide the retainer piece back in place. 

Looks like factory again. 

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