Monday, May 18, 2015

Upgrade to high torque Mini Starter

Ordered a 1993 high torque mini starter for my 1979 ford mustang
Ended up realizing I needed to do some electrical updating.
This is the old wiring mess

While I was working on wiring I also added a new electric fan controller that has a sensor mounted in the intake from Proform. The block to the left of the Solenoid is the new Thermal Controller with relay for the electric fan.

All these terminals are what used to be on the starter solenoid.

The Power Post found above was purchases from West Marine and worked out very well to take all the wires off of the constant power post of the solenoid. I then created a 2 gage jumper from  post to solenoid to provide needed power to solenoid and starter.

This is the old and very big starter that was originally equipped on the engine

This is the High Torque Mini starter that came standard on 93 and newer mustangs made to work.
Reduce weight and reliability with new tech.

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