Sunday, March 22, 2015

1979 Ford Mustang Front Suspension Upgrade Completion

Completed the front suspension upgrade with new control arms

Now the above right picture you may be able to get away with one of these maneuvers if you don't have a Steeda full length subframe connector in the way. Here we have a instance where the metal has been torqued in to far and I can't get the new control arm in. Some people take the old bolt and put the nut on the end to use as a battering ram with mini sledge. The easy way is to get yourself your own porta-power as seen in the pictures below. I made up some steel shims and a couple pumps I was in business. 

To make life easier I made up these shims out of flat stock laying around in the garage. You can buy a similar tool online, but I decided to whip one up rather than order one and wait for delivery. 

This tool makes life so much easier when installing the lowering springs.

I decided to get rid of the dust shields all together for cooling purposes. Later I will run tubes to the back side from inlets on my functional Xenon Air Dam. 

Since I have Koni Struts I have the advantage of getting to the manufacturer's exact torque specification due to the Allen input on top of the strut. First hand tighten then torque.

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