Saturday, February 28, 2015

Suspension Assembly Rear Day 1

SVE Lowering springs were installed. Man do my joints hurt. I need to ice my knees after today.
I have problems with my shoulder as well, so things take me considerable longer amount of time to complete. I try to use the jack when i can.

Koni shocks added.

\Passenger side completed, but on the driver side I found an issue that needs to be addressed. This hole is deformed from a previous control arm bolt removal. To rectify this I have added an 1/8 in piece of flat stock steel with correct hole diameter and tomorrow I will weld this into the correct position eliminating any play or travel for the control arm mounting bolt. I may need a slightly longer bolt then what came with the kit, if so I will make a trip to Farm & Fleet and find a grade 8 bolt to take it's place. 

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