Monday, January 26, 2015

Future Plans

I have been a little side tracked between changes with my job and home projects and cold weather.

I plan on getting back to the car soon after I finish some things. My plans are to find new seats, wheels, and a roll cage. I have pretty much made up my mind on the Roll cage although I have not made plans to purchase yet..

Roll cage I am looking at is this

I broke the back on my original driver's seat from constantly pulling identification out of my pocket to get on base after 911 occurred.  My original seat was a high back seat that had no recline function. I would like to put a set of performance seats in. I do like Corbeau's LG1 seat and I have seen many good reviews on comfort and support provided by this seat, but my seat is second priority for this car right now.

First priority is to find a good set of wheels. I have plans on updating the brake system in the front of this car and when I do the current 14 inch Dukes of Hazzard style wheels will no longer fit the car. I will be going from a 7 in diameter rotor to 11 in diameter. I am really tired of the standard cobra wheels that everybody seems to have and I have been eyeballing Saleen SCs. My options are limited due to availability of 4 lug wheels. I am not budgeted for a 5 lug conversion, since the only real benefit I see from it is the wheel selection. I was thinking of a 17x9 in all around.

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